Catherine Diallo

Catherine Diallo Certified Translator

Catherine Diallo

Certified German, French, and English Translator

Non-practising lawyer (LL.B., LL.M.) and certified translator (C. Tr.)

Supporting legal and financial service providers, consultants, and individuals navigate the Canadian and international landscape effectively and meet their diverse linguistic requirements with accurate & precise French, German, and English translations.


What you're looking for


You may be worried that the translator won’t understand complex legal or financial terminology, so you consider translation skills and subject-matter expertise as equally important when hiring a translator.



You received a large volume of documents from your client and need to figure out which ones must be translated, but you don’t have the time or language skills to do so. The last thing you want is to pay a middleman or spend money on unnecessary work.


You need to get a complicated legal document translated for an upcoming trial. The translation must be certified, and time is of the essence.


You would like to reach out to the translator directly, rather than dealing with ever-changing project managers.


You wish to entrust your confidential documents to one person only and hire them again if needed.



You must make sure that the translation respects all formal requirements as set out by the requesting authority.

Why work with me

The decision to become a legal and financial translator came naturally to me, given my career experience in legal, regulatory, and financial advisory services. I have expert knowledge of:

Legal proceedings
Canadian immigration procedures
Investment policies
Company incorporations
Legal drafting


Trained lawyer (non-practising) with 10 years of experience in legal drafting and legal, financial, and business translation.

Areas of expertise

I focus on certified and non-certified translations for legal professionals, financial professionals, and international companies. If your request is not within my field of expertise, I will refer you to a trusted colleague.


Over 1,000 successfully completed translation projects.


Never miss a deadline

My translations are delivered on time.


When clients hire me as a consultant, I inform them of what needs to be translated for their specific undertaking. No “squeezing the lemon.”



I ensure that my translations are accurate and reflect the original document’s content, cultural nuances, and tone.



Any formal requirements, such as a stamp on each page or specific wording in the certified translator’s statement, can be accommodated.


I remain available for questions throughout and after the translation process.


I am legally bound by confidentiality obligations and will not disclose your documents to any third party without prior approval.


“Ms. Diallo produced a certified translation from French into English of the opinion of Mr. Justice Girouard in an old decision of the Supreme Court of Canada, for our use in a matter recently before the Court of Appeal for Ontario (Roe v Roe, 2024 ONCA 179). We were pleased with Ms. Diallo’s fine rendering of this complex piece of legal writing. She handled terms of art, across both civil and common law, with precision, and attended carefully to nuances in the extensive rehearsal of facts in his Lordship’s judgment. By quieting an important legal issue agitated in the English-language appeal in which we appeared, her translation of the only authority from the highest court directly on point enabled us to apportion our time during argument to better advantage than we could without this case to hand. We ultimately prevailed at the hearing and shall have no hesitation to engage Ms. Diallo for future translations.”

– Nikhil Mukherjee, barrister & solicitor (Rogerson Law Group)

Areas of expertise

As a certified translator (C. Tr.) and non-practising lawyer (LL.B., LL.M.), I can help you with accurate & precise translations, bilingual editing, and translation consulting for highly sensitive documents involving mergers and acquisitions, investments, immigration, human resources, international litigations, legal documents, and more.

Certified language combinations (C. Tr.)

I provide certified translation services for a variety of language combinations, ensuring top-quality results for your specific needs.



I translate your legal, business, and financial documents in accordance with the highest standards. I also adapt the translated text to local requirements and customs.


Do you already have a human translation and want to make sure it’s flawless? I’m happy to review the work for you to guarantee accuracy and style.


Are you uncertain about which documents require a translation? I can advise you based on your specific needs and goals, helping you avoid any unnecessary spending.

Let's bulletproof your documents


I bill my services by the hour or by the project. I also offer discounts for 3- and 6-month retainers. 

Please contact me for a project-specific quote. I accept payments in US dollars, Canadian dollars, and Euros.


Artificial intelligence is becoming a widespread tool to help translators manage large volumes of text. Nuance and tone, however, cannot be recognized or translated by machines. It is also impossible to achieve a consistent text with AI tools. For example, the terms “contract” and “agreement” tend to be used interchangeably—and mistakenly—in machine translations. Lawyers cannot let such errors affect their image. To ensure your texts perfectly reflect the intended meaning, you need a translator who understands and knows how to convey that meaning.

I communicate proactively with clients to understand their terminology and other preferences. My multilingual glossaries and translation memories ensure that translated texts are consistent in terms of expression, tone, and format.

It may sound old-fashioned, but I print complex translations for revision. Despite the help of automated grammar and spell checks, nothing beats reading a text on paper with a fresh set of eyes.

Depending on the level of complexity, the translation is reviewed by a trusted colleague if budget and time constraints permit.

As every document is different, turnaround time can only be determined once I know more about the document. Please contact me to get a quote and an expected turnaround time.

Yes, there is an additional fee for an expedited turn around. 

Ultimately, it’s up to you. I usually send them via email in PDF format, but some clients prefer Word. Besides PDF format, I can also provide certified translations in hard copy.

I accept credit card payments, bank transfers, checks, and Interac e-transfer. 

Yes. If your referral leads to a one-time assignment, you will receive a 15% discount on your next translation. If it leads to a long-term agreement with advance payments, you will receive a 20% discount. 

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