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I guarantee legal, business and financial translations to be 100 percent accurate.

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I deliver translations in a timely manner and limit unnecessary delays.

Ethical Standards

I am legally bound by confidentiality and guarantee discretion at all times.

Expert Knowledge

I am a qualified lawyer and a member of three Canadian translator associations.

Your success directly translates into mine.

Maybe you’re wondering:

  • “What’s really the difference between a regular and certified translator?”
  • “Do I really need someone certified?”
  • “Why choose your services over someone else’s?”

Here’s a couple reasons why I am the certified translator you need:

  • I am an expert that can guarantee you accuracy and quick timing. 

I know what I am doing. I have been in the legal field, and have familiarity with the terminology and language. This means I ensure that any contracts or business documentation that requires translating will be able to accurately reflect the sentiments of the firm and its relations to international clients, HR departments and so on. 

  • I can save you a lot of time and money.

Legal technicalities are complicated, tricky, and valuable information is easy to miss if someone who isn’t an expert is the one handling the documents. Such mistakes can negatively impact work, operations and expose the firm and the people involved to liability. As a certified lawyer-linguist very familiar with such legal technicalities, I can save you a lot of time and money by avoiding these mistakes.

  • As a lawyer-linguist, I am familiar with court proceedings and can certify documents you might need.

The reality is that if you need to present certain documents in court, they will have to be certified. And unless your translator was someone who could certify, you’re going to be stuck with the arduous task of finding someone to authenticate or having the misfortune of not being able to use your documents in a legal proceeding due to the nature of the translation. You can skip that step by hiring a certified translator from step one. And with my background in law, I am the certified translator you’ll want to work with.

Catherine is a wonderful legal translator to work with. Her work is professional, she is easy to reach and consistently delivers excellent work products. I highly recommend Catherine.
Catherine Diallo Certified Translator Testimonial Amanda Bindman
Amanda Bindman
Associate at Adam Atlas Attorney at Law, Montreal.

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I highly recommend Catherine’s legal translation. Her service is professional. She can always provide us prompt response and full support to our specific requirements with respect to certified translations to be used for legal purpose.
Catherine Diallo Certified Translator Testimonial Ying Liang
Ying Liang
Trust Officer at RBC Royal Trust

About Catherine Diallo

Catherine Diallo Certified Translator

I’m a lawyer-linguist and a certified translator in German, English, and French.

I primarily work in supporting lawyers, legal & HR departments, and operational managers in gaining international success by ensuring that their documents have been accurately translated.

I always promise my clients that by working with me, they will receive quality work delivered in a timely manner.

Too often I’ve seen firms and businesses lose unnecessary time and money because meetings, negotiations, proceedings, etc., dragged on for too long because of the misplacement of a word or the lack of clarification. 

When such mistakes are made, it leaves a firm or business open to liability, humiliation, more costs, potentially having to rebrand and in a worst-case scenario, a failed expansion strategy. 

I’m here to make sure this doesn’t happen to you. I’m extremely passionate about the work that I do and I ensure that it translates into the quality of my work.

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Catherine is truly experienced in regard to legal translation. I needed my diploma and course transcript translated for employment in the USA as soon as possible. She manage to translate all required documents in 3 business days. The lines of communication were always open and she responded to any concerns in a timely manner. I highly recommend Catherine for any legal translation projects.
Catherine Diallo Certified Translator Testimonial Cassandre Milard
Cassandre Milard
Instructional Designer / DEI Practioner

Read the blog

Translation isn’t simply about taking one word from a language and transcribing it into another. 

In my blog, I share the importance of accurate translations when it comes to global expansion, the process of working with a translator, the difference between a regular and certified translator, and more.

Let’s say your documents have already been translated by someone in your company or by a non-certified translator. This doesn’t necessarily mean the overall translation is bad, but you want to be 100% sure that the translation is accurate and there are no costly errors.

So, where can you get your multilingual documents proofread online?

The short answer: certified translators.

There comes a point for a lot of North American companies and firms where expansion into the European market is taken into consideration. After all, if you’re doing well and want to increase your revenue, then the next logical step is expansion into the EU market. 

There are many considerations in play when it comes to successfully achieving European expansion and sustainability, one of which being working with an experienced certified translator. Here are 4 reasons why.

Catherine Diallo Certified Translations
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